We offer a broad range of services to meet your needs. Whether it is one-time advice and assessment to on-going consulting and support, we can help you with your demand generation needs.

A) Quick-Discovery & Gap Assessment – Typical Engagement: 3-4 weeks

Discovery process to assess current situation (“As-Is”) for demand gen and analytics infrastructure and process, understanding what data is currently being captured, how that is being fed into different systems and funnel velocity stats. (Lead Volume, Conversion rates, and any interesting trends…)

This includes interviewing key stakeholders on the Marketing, Sales, BizDev, Customer Success and Executive team to understand what seems to be working and what is required from the demand generation engine in order to improve chances of meeting business and revenue goals.

Findings from this discovery process will be documented and provided to Client along with recommendations on next steps and how to address the gaps in order to achieve the desired state (“To-Be”).

B) Demand Generation Jumpstart Package – Typical Engagement: 2-4 months

Customized based on client requirements and typically includes segmentation & targeting, marketing automation setup/optimization/integration, stage-gate process definitions, campaigns, funnel optimization, “Contact to Contract” process implementation, and training for in-house personnel to run on-going operations with minimal external oversight.

C) On-going Demand Generation Consulting – Typical Engagement: 6-9 months

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D) Best Practices Workshop & Training – Half-day or Full-Day

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